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Being a volunteer in Station 10 can be a lot of hard work and requires a serious commitment, but the satisfaction of a successful search, involvement in community events, or educating the public on boating safety can be extremely rewarding. 

There are various opportunities within the Station: 

  • Boating Safety
  • Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks
  • Bobbie the Safety Boat Operator
  • Vessel Maintenance
  • Fundraising
  • Search and Rescue Crew

Search and Rescue crews require specific skills, training, and commitment. Crews are on call one week out of every 4 weeks, meaning you're on pager for an entire week, 24-hrs a day (except for when you're at work) followed by 2 weeks off. After you join the Auxiliary and go through your Crew Level I training, you will be assigned to a crew and will do the training at least once during the week, you're on-call with your crew. 

SAR training is the responsibility of the Unit, and we will train SAR crews to CCG standard. Some of our crew members become Coxswains (the person responsible for the safe operation of the boat) and are trained at the Pacific RHIOT School in Bamfield. This is a world class training institute that provides intensive Rigid-hulled Inflatable SAR vessel training. 

Desirable Entry Qualifications: 
  • Live within 15 minutes of either launch site
  • Restricted Radio Operator's Certificate, (VHF Marine) RROC
  • Pleasure Craft Operator's Card , PCOC
  • Standard First Aid and CPR(C)
  • Boating experience
  • Local knowledge

You may not have all of the above qualifications, but...not to worry! As long as you have a sense of adventure, camaraderie and are willing to put in the work, Station 10 will provide the training so you will be equipped with some of these basic entry qualifications. We will put you to work! And we'll appreciate your involvement! There are many benefits of joining: 

  • Great camaraderie
  • Training for many varied tasks, including SAR, Boating Safety, Courtesy Inspections, etc.
  • Become a safer boater!
  • Personal satisfaction of serving your community
  • Pride of belonging to a very select National group


Things to consider

Before joining as either an administrative or crew member, there are a few things you should take into consideration. 

We request a minimum commitment of one year. We invest a lot of training in our crew members and our experienced coxswain will be spending a lot of their volunteered time with you. They are always happy to help new members get familiar with procedures and more importantly get their 'sea-legs' under them. All we ask in return is your commitment. For administrative members the challenges are different. It takes a while for administrative members to get into the swing of things as well and get a feel for what this is all about. A willing heart and caring personality are the two main requirements for administrative members. Our volunteers must raise funds to support everything we do. To accomplish this goal we organize special events, seek donations, and work throughout the community to raise awareness and funds to support our efforts 

Whenever our Station 10 members go out, there's always a chance they have to put themselves at risk. Being part of a SAR crew of Station 10, Richmond should be considered an honour, yet... consider it carefully. Any mariner that goes to sea experiences risk and especially those that endeavour to go out and assist mariners that are already in trouble. If you consider joining our crews, you should discuss this with your family before making a commitment to serve as a SAR (Search And Rescue) crew member. Your family will become just as much a part of our Station 10 family as you.


If you are interested in knowing more please submit the form below or email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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